Factors That Affect the Cost of Tattoo Removal

Tattoo regrets are common among men and women of all age groups. Failed relationships, change of interest, a new career venture or just maturity may push people to remove their tattoo. In any case, laser tattoo removal is a safe process that can be used to wipe out the otherwise permanent tattoo for good. However, tattoo removal comes with a cost and the following factors play a significant in determining the affordable tattoo removal price list.

The skin type of the tattoo wearer

Tattoo removal involves the application of high-intensity laser treatment that blasts the ink pigment of the tattoo into tiny particles which ultimately dissipates into the skin. Though the treatment is effective on all skin types, it takes more time and effort to work on Fitzpatrick skin types. The reason behind this is the removal procedure involves lower intensity of laser and more time gap is required between any two sessions. People with this type of skin need more sessions of the laser treatment thus increasing the overall cost of the procedure.

Location of the tattoo

Quite surprisingly, the body part that holds the tattoo also helps to determine the cost of tattoo removal. The upper part of the body where there is a larger vascular supply heals better and demands a lesser number of laser sessions. This implies that tattoos removed from the upper part of the body cost lesser.

The type of tattoo pigment used

The type of tattoo pigment used on the skin varies from one professional tattoo service to another. Some tattoo artists use carbon particles mixed with graphite, ash and other inks, while a few others use organic dyes combined with various metallic elements. Another important factor that determines the composition of the tattoo pigment is the colors used. Tattoos may contain red, blue, green or any similar color where the pigment granules vary in size than the conventional black. In general, black pigment is the easiest and cheapest to remove than the cultured ones.

Size of the tattoo

Most tattoo removal(exoerts in eyebrow tattoo removals) services charge their clients based on the square inch size of the tattoo. Quite obviously a larger tattoo needs more Tattoo Removal experts chiswick London sessions and will cost more to be removed completely.

Amount of ink in the tattoo

Usage of ink by amateur tattoo artists is usually sparser than the ones from a more professional and experienced tattoo provider(https://tattooremovalexperts.co.uk/tattoo-removal-course.html) and takes lesser time to be removed. Professional artists use a good amount of ink to create a deeper impact and clearer look.

Removing a tattoo safely is possible, however, to save oneself from the pain and expense it is recommended to think twice before choosing a tattoo design.